🚐 HSW needs a new ride!

Help us go Van Viral!

With over 100,000 miles and countless adventures including vet runs, events, dog walks, and more our van sputtered out last fall. We have tried reaching out to local contacts in the hopes of finding a lead for a new shelter vehicle to no avail.

Now we are hoping to use social media to spread this message to help us secure a safe and reliable shelter vehicle to transport the many cats and dogs that currently call our shelter home.

Since last November, we have been desperately scrambling and shuffling schedules and finding creative methods to transport the 150+ dogs and cats currently in our care to veterinary appointments, spay/neuter appointments, helping community members with animal surrenders, and more.

Without reliable transportation, we are now struggling with our many offsite adoption events that help us deliver on our mission to provide care while finding permanent, loving homes for the many animals that come to our door. The day-to-day care of this many animals is a lot of work on its own, though a labor of love, it would be so much easier if we had our own safe, reliable van large enough to comfortably fit multiple animal crates.

We receive tremendous love and support from our community. Unfortunately, with the ever-growing and ongoing need for animal rescue and its associated expenses, our funds are stretched very thin, making it difficult to secure the capital necessary for a new vehicle.


Do you know of a vehicle donation program for non-profit animal shelters such as ours? Do you have a van or SUV that you could donate? Please reach out to tracy@waldenhumane.org if you can help. Any and all leads greatly appreciated.

In return for a van or vehicle donation, HSW would like to offer:

✨ Documentation for your records for tax deduction purposes as we are a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization
✨Your logo advertised on the donated vehicle
✨Your logo on our website
✨Advertisement on all our social media platforms and in our Newsletter
✨We would reach out to all local media to get you recognition for your generosity
✨Free full-page advertisement in our annual Humane Society of Walden Calendar

If you are unable to help us secure transportation, but still want to help the shelter, you can make a donation here.

💙 From our smallest kittens like Elf, to our special needs cat Buttercup, our FIV feline Albert, and FeLV + Bernard, to our largest friends Ecko & Roscoe who are also some of our longest residents (9 + 5 years respectively). From abandoned friends, like Hope, and those neglected and sick we thank you.