August Adoptions!

We do pretty amazing things everyday…not everything is posted on social media. In all honesty, it’s hard to toot our own horns at times but BEEP BEEP! We had an amazing August. This board has hung in our lobby for years. It documents the names of those adopted that month. Sometimes we get fixated on numbers. But when we’re looking at the final tally we also see names.

On this months board there’s a pet that came to us when his owner felt he was not fitting in this world- he sadly decided to leave it… his pet is in a home. Another whose owner grew older and had to move with a family member, this pet was not adjusting well in a shelter environment but it’s names on the board! A pet returned two times to finally show that the third times a charm. A pet that was from another local town that was due to be euthanized. There are I believe 4 that took over a year to have their forever people come in this month! Then Ofcourse the strays…that always make us wonder why no one’s looking.

I wonder if whoever made this simple white board that hangs in our lobby knows how what’s written on it daily 🤞is literally life changing for the pets obviously, but also for the people that do the “in between homes” part.

Thankful for all of you.

Some of the August Adoptions