Adoption Application

The Humane Society of Walden

Thank you for considering adopting a dog or cat from the Humane Society of Walden (hereafter known as HSW). We adhere to strict guidelines when adopting out one of our furry friends. Adoption is a big decision and needs thorough consideration. All of the animals that we have at the shelter landed here through no fault of their own.

Please consider your living arrangements and any future life changing events that may land your potential new companion back into the shelter. We want this adoption to be the last one for this animal, however, if you do ever need to give up this pet, we will take them back at any time.

Please fill out the adoption application honestly and thoroughly. To speed up the application process, please have the following items and/or information available upon request:

  1. Drivers License / Photo ID
  2. Landlord consent form or letter, or name and phone number (renters)
  3. Veterinarian contact information

The HSW reserves the right to decline any application that they feel will put the potential companion animal into a harmful or negligent situation. We have personally cared for these animals during their stay here, and want to be assured that they are going to the best possible home. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks again for considering a companion cat or dog from our Shelter.

Staff at Humane Society of Walden