Kitten Shower!

Join us for our annual Kitten Shower on Sunday, April 10th. Stop in anytime between 1 PM – 3 PM to enjoy an afternoon full of fun, education, crafts and games! Light refreshments served.

FOSTERS NEEDED: Please join us to learn about our fostering program. Kittens need a small space in a dedicated and loving foster home to give them the one-on-one attention and care they need to grow big and strong enough for adoption. Consider fostering today. Current foster parents welcome.

DONATE: Want to help but not able to foster right now?

  • – kitten milk replacement (KMR)
  • – small nursing bottles
  • – kitten food (wet & dry)
  • – SnuggleSafe heating pads
  • – non-clumping litter
  • – small litter pans
  • – cat nail clippers
  • – bottles (petag nursing kits)
  • – the miracle nipples
  • – baby food (Gerber chicken or turkey)
  • – small beds, toys, fleece blankets, scratching posts
  • – scales
  • – baby shampoo
  • – bleach
  • – laundry detergent
  • – 1ml & 3ml syringes

Can’t attend but want to send us a gift? Shop our Amazon Wishlist.


*All ages welcome. Under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian or parent.*